When experence counts,count on us.

-Over 200 years of combined experience.


About Us

Established in 2012, Becnel Rental Tools, LLC has the philosophy of providing the best equipment and service available in the oil and gas industry. We have assembled some of the most experienced professionals in the business to be a part of our team. With over two hundred years of combined experience, customers continually rely on us to provide them with up to date information and the best products available.

Becnel Rental Tools strives to continually grow and expand, committed to providing quality products and services that will meet or exceed the expectations and requirements of our customers.


Becnel Rental Tools LLC emphasizes quality and safety throughout our entire operation. We recognize the importance of providing a healthy and safe work environment for all personnel and our customers. A strong QHSE program is important to help us implement and achieve these goals, with focus on quality operation management and safety programs.

Our Goals
  • Ensure equipment and services meets or exceeds customer expectations
  • Create a safe work environment, with zero risk to personnel or environment
  • Implement programs for better and continuous improvements
  • Ensure personnel needs are met throughout the QHSE program
  • Provide personnel with proper training and qualifications established through QHSE guidelines
  • Monthly Safety Meetings
  • Stop Work Authority (BOSS)
  • Corrective Action Reports
  • External and Internal Audits

Safety of Personnel is Becnel Rental Tools top priority, each location provides personnel with a safety manual, MSDS, Quality Manual, Standard Operation Procedures, and Work Instructions.

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